Spanish Conversation Classes

Mondays – High Intermediate Level

Tuesdays – Beginner-ish Level 

8 weeks –  April 9/10 ~ May 28/29 2018

6:00 – 7:30 pm

location: West Asheville

cost: $100

¡Hola, Amigos!  

Welcome to our Spanish Conversation series! I hope you will consider joining in the fun. In these circles, we focus on conversation, incorporating some writing and a lot of speaking, and we work (mostly independently) out of a textbook easily found online (amazon or or (often) in the ABTech bookstore. It’s called Spanish Now! by Barrons – 7th or 8th edition, with or without cds. Then we come together each week to practice what we have learned in a safe and supportive circle of friends. I serve mostly as a facilitator of conversation and we all learn from each other.

Monday’s Intermediate class will begin on Work Unit 19 of the aforementioned book, so an understanding of present tense conjugations and content of these chapters are prerequisites.

Tuesday’s Beginner-ish class will focus on the foundations of the language, but we will speak in complete sentences on the first day!

About me:  My name is Kari Sickenberger.  I have been a teacher of English, ESOL, Music, and Spanish for a long time, and have lived, studied, and worked extensively in nine different Spanish-speaking countries. My undergraduate degrees are in English and Education, and I have a Masters degree in Liberal Arts.  I love teaching and spreading the gospel of Español!

Come prepared to have FUN!

If you’re interested in this class, call or email me ASAP. 

Deadline for registration is April Fools Day, and space is limited.     ~      828.301.7502