~~2021 Fall Spanish Conversation Classes~~

Come join the fun!  “¡Es muy divertido aprender español con Kari!”


Mondays 4-5:30pm High Beginner Level (Level 3)

Mondays 6-7:30pm Advancing Level (Level 5)

Tuesdays 4-5:30pm Beginner-ish (Level 2)

Tuesdays 6-7:30pm Intermediate Level (Level 4) 


** 8 week series  –  Sept 20/21 ~ Nov 22/23 (no classes Oct 11/12, or Nov 1/2), 2021 **

location: ZOOM*

I hope you will consider joining in the Spanish Conversational fun. In these circles (er, squares, nowadays), we focus on conversation, incorporating grammar, structure, some writing and a lot of speaking. 

We come together each week to practice what we have learned from any given assignment in a safe and supportive circle of friends. I serve mostly as a guide and facilitator of conversation, and we all learn from each other. While we work primarily from texts (see individual class descriptions below), all classes are supplemented with material found online and elsewhere. 

Except for the Level 4 class, ALL classes will be working from the book, SPANISH NOW! Level 1, by Barron’s, 8th edition, with or without accompanying CDs (I’ve heard mixed reviews about them). This book, albeit a bit dated, does a good job most of the time, and has lots of pictures, which are so important when learning a language, no matter what your age! Alibris.com and betterworldbooks.com are my recommended sites for ordering. Sometimes it can be found at the AB Tech bookstore, but call ahead!

Monday’s Intermediate 4:00 (LEVEL 3) class is for anyone ready to continue their journey into the fascinating world of the Spanish language. We’ll begin around Work Unit 21 of the text. A working understanding of regular and irregular present tense verbs plus ser and estar, adjective usage, numbers up to a billion, Ud. Uds. and Nosotros Commands and basic vocabulary up to this point in the book is a prerequisite.

Monday’s Advancing 6:00 (LEVEL 5) class will cover content from  The Ultimate Spanish Review and Practice, Mastering Spanish Grammar for Confident Communication, by McGraw Hill. I recommend alibris.com or betterworldbooks.com. You should have a conversational understanding of reflexive verbs, object pronoun usage, preterite and imperfect tenses, participles and gerunds, and imperative tenses, subjunctive, and most pronoun usages. We will be working on advanced concepts in this series, both literary and grammatical, incorporating more reading and writing. We will be skipping around in this book, but you will need to have a basic working knowledge of Chapters 1 – 11, and Chapters 14, 15, and 19 – 22. We’ll also use lots of supplemental materials.

Tuesday’s High Beginner 4:00 (LEVEL 2) class is for advanced beginners+! A familiarity with the content of  Units 1-10, including a working (conversational) understanding of AR, ER, and IR present tense conjugations are prerequisites for this class. 

Tuesday’s High Intermediate 6:00 (LEVEL 4) class prerequisites include a conversational understanding of regular and irregular present tense and preterite verb conjugations, including GUSTAR, object pronouns, and commands. See text for more suggested prerequisite content, WU 1 – 31.

PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT WHICH LEVEL FITS YOU BEST; I am happy to help you wiggle in to the right place.

About me: My name is Kari Sickenberger. I have been a teacher of English, ESOL, Music, and Spanish for a long time, and have lived, studied, and worked extensively in nine different Spanish-speaking countries. My undergraduate degrees are in both English and Education, and I have a Masters degree in Liberal Studies. I love spreading the gospel of Español, and my multi-media teaching philosophy involves learning in context, using complete sentences, making mistakes, and having fun!

Deadline for registration is Friday, Sept 17, and space is limited.

Cost for 8-week session: $125.  Payment in full saves your spot! 

To register: Send a check ~ OR Asheville folks, feel free to drop by and pay in cash 🙂 ~ OR PayPal but ONLY AS A FRIEND PLEASE!! (or, as a business transaction, please pay $130)  rosasmom@gmail.com ~ OR Venmo.

Please indicate which class you are interested in when you register. rosasmom@gmail.com ~ 828.301.7502 ~ 133 Louisiana Ave 28806   ¡GRACIAS!  www.karisickenberger.com