Kari has been leading singing classes and workshops for more than a decade. Kari draws on her vast experience as a Spanish and English teacher and her lifelong love for and experience with music to create a safe and encouraging environment for new and experienced singers alike. Just bring along your love for singing, and everything will fall into place in our circle of song.


Lovesick Blues – Songs of Love and Loss

led by Kari Sickenberger

February 5-7, 2016 at Folly Beach, SC (google: 510 West Ashley)



Come! – any time after noon. You are on your own for dinner.

Evening workshop from 8 – 10pm


Breakfast provided

Morning workshop 10-12:30

Catered lunch

Afternoon workshop 2:30 – 5

Sunset 5:30

Catered dinner

Concert (workshop participants only) at 8pm


Breakfast provided

Gospel singing 10-12 noon


Cost: $260 per person includes shared room lodging with linens (2-3 people per room,) 2 breakfasts, catered lunch and dinner Saturday, all workshops with lyric sheets, compilation CD including the songs we learn, and new friends.

To Save Your Spot:

Send non-refundable $50 check to Leigh Pettus 143 Avondale Ridge Road AVL, NC 28803. Balance of $210 due by January 15.

Space is limited, and we expect to fill up quickly (maximum 12.)

Include with your deposit the following information:

1.Your name and address 2.Your email address 3.Your cell phone number 4.Your food restrictions/roommate preferences, if any

contacts: Leigh pettus57@gmail.com and Kari rosasmom@gmail.com



Mountain Mama Madness


For five years now, Kari and host, Kathy Scott, have been organizing singing weekends for women in Kathy’s north Georgia mountain cabin in the woods.  Aptly named Mountain Mama Madness, these weekends have become cathartic and valuable for the singer wannabes as well as for those who simply want to expand their repertoire and improve their vocal and harmony skills.  Sorry, gentlemen, these weekends are for women only.

Every weekend has a theme and a set of songs to learn and explore, while we explore our own selves, voices, and each other.  If you have ever wanted to sing your heart out but wished you could do it in a place where only the bears could hear you, these weekends might be just what you have been waiting for.  As many Mountain Mamas will tell you, even if you have never heard of the genres or artists we will be exploring on a given weekend, you will take away much more than you could imagine with the always supportive and generous spirits around you.

Here are some Mountain Mama quotes:

~ My first Mountain Mama singing workshop exceeded all my expectations! Not only did I learn a lot about singing, but I laughed, cried (from laughing), enjoyed the beauty of the Georgia highlands, bonded with a sisterhood of ya yas came out of my shell, and sang my heart out to the bears, deer, trees and hills.  Oh yeah, I ate very well too. It’s not just about the music, I came away with so much more – I feel re-juvinated, re-born, re-laxed, and will re-peat and re-turn to this re-treat!

~ I like the holistic nature of the experience and I will highly recommend it to anyone who will listen – although then it will be sooo popular, I’ll have a hard time securing a spot!

~ Kari is a wonderful teacher, singer, songwriter . . . person! I feel blessed to have had this opportunity.

~ Kathy’s cabin sits in a beautiful spot that emanates energy refreshing any who is fortunate enough to be there.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Weekend cost is $180 – includes all workshops and lodging. Everyone shares in the food contribution and preparation.

The views are spectacular, the hostess is the mostess (trust me), and we would love to tell you more.  Email me at rosasmom@gmail.com or Kathy at cbscott@mindspring.com for more information.

Come on and sing with us!

MMM 2016 Calendar is here!


The Carter Family’s Mother Maybelle and Sara were arguably the first women in country, and paved the way for many more to come. We will sing songs from some of the best of these female talents, some obscure, some well-known. Think Molly O’Day to Dolly Parton and everything in between. Have a favorite? Let me know! Want to learn more? Come on!


Get ready to sing to the heavens during this weekend of great Gospel music.  The Southern tradition of singing Gospel goes back a long way, and we will explore mostly older songs with interesting harmonies and beautiful messages that can speak to even the sourest cynics.

B Y O G(God) to this celebratory circle where we will let the music and friendship take us where they will.  The love and practice of singing binds us together.  All spiritual and religious backgrounds and bedrocks are welcome here.


Back by popular demand, this weekend will be centered around duet styles from old-time, folk, country, and bluegrass genres.  We will sing both melody and harmony parts and experience the joy of blending voices together to create new sounds.  If you love to sing with another person who loves to sing, this weekend is for you!


Harmony Upon the Mountain (HUM)

               Singing Workshops at Hampton Creek, NC (near Asheville, NC)

for women AND MEN!

Songs that have Nothing to do with Christmas December 5, 2016                                          

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way – to HUM 
– and then put a lid on it. 
We will spend this day singing songs of hope, perhaps, or of love – of heartache, or of passion – maybe of friendship or maybe of peace, but, this December day, we will will not be singing songsabout Christmas.  
Instead we will reserve this day to enter and celebrate a different kind of season – a season of song
That’s all. And that is a lot.
We’d love to have you come and and share and sing with us!  

Whoever you are and wherever you are in your musical life, you are welcome in these singing workshops.  We will learn the songs (yes, I’ll have lyric sheets for you), talk about style (a little – we want to get back to singing), learn some harmony parts (IF you want to – sticking to the melody is important and fun too!)…. sing, and then sing some more.  In other words, there are no prerequisites. If you love to sing, this workshop is for you!  Compilation CD of the songs we learn (plus more songs you can learn yourself) is included.

HUM Workshop Fee:  $75 — Healthy lunch included

10:00 – 12:30

Morning Session with Kari

12:30 – 1:30


1:30 – 3:00

Afternoon Session with Kari

3:00 – 4:30

Free time (hiking, singing)

4:30 – 6:00

Evening Session with Kari

Optional Overnight $25 — All the comforts of home in a beautiful wilderness setting. Includes evening potluck and jam, and Sunday morning gospel singing. The only requirement is that you bring your own drinks of choice and contributions for potluck dinner and Sunday breakfast. We’ll be leaving by 12 noon.

For more info, contact: Terry Deal
To Register, go to: HUM Workshop home page

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