Kari and Laurelyn

Kari & Laurelyn

Kari Sickenberger is a singer and songwriter from Asheville, NC. She and singing partner, Laurelyn Dossett founded the band Polecat Creek and they have made three records together with world class banjo player Riley Baugus.  Kari has also toured with and sung on recordings by Ginny Hawker and Tracy Schwarz. She teams up with Vollie McKenzie in the Asheville band, The Western Wildcats, a classic country and honky tonk dance quintet.  Kari has worked on projects with fiddler, Natalya Weinstein and singer, songwriter and mulit-instrumentalist, John Miller, both founding members of the original acoustic trio, Red June.  Kari also regularly teaches private and public singing and harmony workshops.

Ginny and Kari

Alice & Kari at Merlefest 2008

Her first solo CD called Settle Down, was recorded in Chris Rosser’s Asheville studio with many local friends including John Herrmann, Meredith McIntosh, Vollie McKenzie, John Miller, Lynn Netherton, Trevor Stuart, Natalya Weinstein, and Russ Wilson. Kari was fortunate to have such great talents supporting her on this project, including, of course, Laurelyn Dossett as well as another friend, veteran singer, and old-time musician, Alice Gerrard, from Durham, NC who contributes her unmistakable voice to some choice cuts.


To contact Kari, please email her at: rosasmom@gmail.com